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Welcome to the home for Avenging Fire! 

Other Guild News

Avenging Sweepstakes

bartpruden, Feb 6, 12 5:59 PM.
Congratulations to Calistra for winning the 1st sweepstakes!
See a description of this new addition to Avenging Fire on the right side of the Rules Tab.

Guild Challenges are Good Challenges!

bartpruden, Feb 5, 12 10:18 PM.
Starting 2/6/2012: As soon as all 7 of the Guild Challenges are done for that week, Guild repairs can be used at anytime!... for any guild toon on any type run, quest or even pvp. We are gonna try this as incentive to que together instead of just jumpin in the que. It may have to be temporary if the cash flow becomes unsustainable, but for now we are good on cash :)

FOUR!!! (not golfing) in DS

bartpruden, Feb 5, 12 6:41 PM.
Avenging Fire has defeated 4 bosses in Dragon Soul!!! Morchok several times but on 2/3/12 we ate Skittles aka Yor'sahj the Unsleeping! We returned the following night and used our Raid (bug spray) on Warlord Zon'ozz, and went upstairs to smack Hagara the Stormbinder's mouth shut and DID! Thanks goes to Apacolypes, Bartaz, Dazbek, Hanfaedza, Krackster, Oilidhun, Sinnargy, Symeon, Whence, Zeryn, and Zarra :)

Baile goes full Firelands!

bartpruden, Nov 19, 11 6:25 PM.
Congratulations to Baile for being 7/7 in Firelands. She got Rag down with some friends of hers on weds night the 16th of November. Too bad we don't have a picture to go along with that :)

Baleroc has no more Inferno

bartpruden, Nov 12, 11 12:55 AM.
Avenging Fire has defeated 2 bosses now in Firelands. Shanoxx three times and for the first time, Baleroc the Gatekeeper. Thanks and Grats to: Baile, Bartoz, Blackudder, Deaputy, Grommett, Momento, Oilidhun, Ralemich, Sporkee and Wombats!

Arthus Dies in Heroic Battle

bartpruden, Nov 11, 11 7:50 AM.
Avenging Fire takes down The Lich King on Heroic difficulty! Arthus put up a real good fight, only to fail in the end. Our new "Bane of the Fallen King's" are: Alayne, Baile, Blackudder, Fireshaman, Krackster, Mightymother, Oilidhun, Sporkee, Ralehunter and Rosii.

Moved the Rules

bartpruden, Nov 9, 11 10:47 PM.
You will find the guild rules and other information on the Rules page/tab above. Please read them and know them and give us any feedback via in game mail or a comment here.
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